Together we want to shape the future of women’s health!

We belive that every woman is unique and deserves a personalized health care – free of judgements, holistic and life long.

Medicin today is dominated by men – their data, their needs and their metabolism. Menopause spans over half of a woman’s life! They deserve to be treated idividually, adequately and respectuflly.


This is where we want to step in: based on expert know how, data from thousands of women and research we want to help each woman to find her individual path through her menopause. We want to enable her to make educated decisions and to find the right solutions to her individual needs and problems.

Great to have you with us! We are eve&i

Rethink menopause!
We are looking forward to accompany you on your journey and to give you lots of practical support.

These are the experts we work with:

As a gynaecologist talking to a woman in her menopause you need to be curious about the human she is.

Did you get curious about us and the work we are doing, helping women in menopause? Do you want to know more or talk to us? Then contact us and we will reach out to you.